How Boss Girl Bloggers Turned Their Setbacks Into Comebacks

how to turn your setbacks into comebacks!

Boss Girl Bloggers Turn Their Setbacks Into Comebacks


When you are trying to achieve an ultimate goal, there will always be something that tries to stand in your way. Sometimes it can become discouraging and it may seem like we are never going to be able to over come those setbacks. Here are testimonies from real life bloggers who have had a setback in their blogger career, and how they turned these setbacks into comebacks.

SetBack: FEAR

We are all afraid of something and most of the time we allow fear to come in the way of our success.

Ell from EllDuclos shares:

“When I first started blogging, my biggest set back was fear. I was afraid of others judging me. I knew that there would be some close people in my life who may find it “lame” or “weird” to blog. I was always fearful of making a fool of myself. I would say to myself, “Why are you thinking such foolish things?” I told myself I wanted to do what makes me happy and I wouldn’t stop trying until I became completely happy. I began to work on getting over my fears. I didn’t want fear to stop me from doing what I love. I learned how to believe in myself, no matter if others believed in me or not. I know what I am capable of. Now fear is in my past. Don’t let fear hold you back.”


How many times have you ever doubted yourself? Don’t worry, we all have done it before. It’s important to always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, who else will?

Sarah from SarahEMills shares:

“Some days I don’t feel motivated to blog because I’m constantly thinking that it’s never going to get anywhere. That I’ll never be as successful as I want to be. However, lately I’ve been realizing that it takes time and I can’t expect to become successful overnight. I’m starting to learn more and more, I feel like with every single post I improve with my writing as well as my knowledge in general. So when I’m doubting myself I remind myself that I just need to keep working hard and support others like me to reach my goals.”


When it comes to blogging we don’t know if we should write what makes ourselves happy, or if we should write what makes our readers happy. We are constantly battling this inside our heads constantly.

Paige from ADaffodilBloomsBlog shares:

“My biggest setback was in the beginning where I didn’t know whether to write what people wanted to read, or how I wanted to help myself and others. I came back with just writing what my heart and soul needed. My readers relate to it so far.”


When you are first starting out, you will constantly refresh your page hoping to see a massive increase in page views. It becomes exciting once the numbers begin to rise. However, in the beginning, receiving page views can be a difficult task

Lauren from LAshleyDesign shares:

“When I first started blogging I would get barely any page views. I decided it would be worth my time and help my future viewers to LEARN. Each day I look for opportunities to learn something new in SEO, social media, or collaboration opportunities. Whatever the case I make sure that I make my time worth it for me and my viewers. Taking that time each day has remarkably changed my look on blogging and how many people follow me each day.”


Self hosting is a huge step for your blog! If you don’t start off self hosting it can become a very stressful, and complicated task switching over.

Helene from HeleneChoo shares:

“My biggest setback came when I started migrating my site to self-hosted, everything went wrong. None of my 330 pictures migrated over. So I kept trying to find solutions, for 2 days straight. I was really close to giving up, but I kept trying different methods and talking to technical support people non-stop. It finally worked out!! I’m still not done migrating yet, but this goes to show that with determination and help from others, you can achieve what you want to achieve!”


It can be extremely difficult to narrow down what your niche may be. You may not even realize that you have multiple niches and that’s okay!

Taylor from Flourishmentary shares:

“My biggest setback so far was finding the RIGHT niche! My blog is interior design focused, so I was only connecting with interior designers. Once I realized I was also writing about travel (historic sites and places) then I got in touch with travel and lifestyle bloggers who blog about these things too! This really helped expand my audience by connecting with people in a overlapping niche!”


Let’s face it, life happens and there may be a time in your blogging career where you need to take a step back. Something happens and you may just need to take a break. The break may even be out of your control.

Steph from HerInkHeart shares:

“I started blogging back in 2012 and I had a good momentum back then. When we migrated to the US in 2014, I had to put the blog on hold as I was still adjusting to the new culture. This new environment is far different from the one I grew up in. I had a series of disconnection and that changed my entire outlook about where the direction of my life is headed. When I started taking classes for Journalism, I slowly regained that passion for writing and I remembered how much I loved telling stories. Now that I’ve graduated from my undergraduate degree and got involved in groups like “Boss Girl Bloggers”, surrounded by empowered women driven to make their goals in life a reality, I feel motivated to keep working hard no matter what the cost.”


It’s no joke that social media plays a huge role in growing your blog’s reach. Everyone is trying to grow their following, to become noticed. It’s a lot of work and patience!

Adesanya from GodfidenceFabGirls shares:

“The social media was my greatest challenge. Before blogging i was rarely on social media, as soon as I started I quickly realized I can’t stay away from the social media if I want my blog to thrive. It was so overwhelming at first but I learnt about scheduling and choosing certain times to network and share. Now I’m becoming a social media addict.”



There is no way to sugar coat it, blogging is competitive. There is a lot of niches out there that are filled with the best. That doesn’t mean you can’t be the best too! It’s all about learning ways to stand out amongst the rest.

Katie from BrewingUpStyle shares:

“One set back was beginning a blog in an already crowded field of fashion bloggers! So, I created my own unique niche by combining style and craft beer. Now I stand out in the best way as well as having creative outlets and opportunities others may not.”


So many of us struggle with consistency. It’s important to be consistent with your content. If you are only “occasionally” blogging, your audience doesn’t create as strong of a bond or trust with you and your blog.

Kim from LifeOfKimberly shares:

“My biggest setback that I faced when I became a blogger was staying constant with my posting. I still occasionally struggle but I’ve been going strong for a good one or so and I am so proud. I honestly just found it so hard to keep content out and to keep a consistent schedule but over the summer, when I had a lot of free time at home, I made sure to use it all to schedule blog posts and this really stepped up my game. I think this is what caused my comeback! I’ve had up to a MONTH worth of blog posts scheduled at one time and that is amazing for me!”

SetBack: MONEY

When it comes to starting a blog, you may want to invest yourself right from the beginning. This can be very beneficial, to invest right from the start! It can also be difficult, to afford the tools you need to help your success.

Ashley from MamaStateOfMind shares:

“My biggest set back by far was not having the finances to start. I got the idea to start a blog in March of 2016 and purchased my domain name in August of 2016 but didn’t have the extra money to set the rest up until June of 2017. it was SUCH a long process to actually get things started. Being a military family, we live paycheck to paycheck. And with a toddler and baby on the way, we just never had that extra money for me to throw into starting a blog, especially not knowing if it would be successful. But I desperately needed to find something to do for myself while being a stay at home mom. I was losing sight of who I was outside of being a wife and mother, so I took the leap!”

SetBack: Age

Have you ever felt like you weren’t taken seriously because of how old you are? You are never too young or too old to start going after what you love!

Adi from SimplyAdi shares:

“My biggest setback was my age. I don’t think people took me seriously as a writer in the beginning. “You’re only in college” was a quote I heard most often. I’m in college and also having fun doing something I love to do, and I’m glad I didn’t let those people stop me from achieving my goals today!”


Blogging is your voice. You need to find your voice and be proud of your voice.

Sage & Fae from SurvivingThatMomLife share:

“I lacked confidence, I didn’t believe that I could really get it all started. I knew others had done it, but my mind just kept telling me that I was not good enough or smart enough. I needed to find that confidence. So I ignored that voice and got started! With every post published and new skill learned, I can feel that confidence building. I am just starting out. I hope to keep learning, to keep pushing forward, to keep becoming that confident woman I know I can be.”


I hope you take these real life experiences and apply them to your own. Although you will face setbacks throughout your journey, don’t ever let these setbacks stop you from pursing your dreams. Turn these setbacks into your own comebacks!


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    August 23, 2017

    Omg awesomely inspiring post! It was so supportive of you to do a feature post. Im so glad I got to read your story again & these other bloggers. We all have struggles & setbacks, pushing through can be super rewarding! Thank you for sharing all the amazing experiences.

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    August 23, 2017

    This was great cause everything I felt was in this post thanks for this

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    August 24, 2017

    I’m so curious about the self hosting, I need to learn more about that! Thank you for this article, it was super helpful 🙂

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    August 24, 2017

    Thank you for sharing- this is incredibly relatable!

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    August 24, 2017

    Do much truth in this. Especially not knowing whether you should write what you want or what you think people want to read!

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    August 24, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this inspiration! As a digital nomad and freelancer, results can seem more discouraging when you’re not working as a team to remind you of the bigger picture. Proud to be a part of the Boss Girl Bloggers community 🙂

  7. Reply

    Jenny Rose

    August 24, 2017

    Yes, yes, yes! The first one is literally me. I’m still worried that people I know are going to judge me, and I tend to refrain from posting about my blog on my private social media pages. Slowly but surely I’m becoming a bit more confident!

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    August 24, 2017

    I can relate to the setbacks. Been there myself, but I am glad all of us got over those obstacles and pulled themselves up to create a better reading platform.

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    Elisabet M. Rinne

    August 24, 2017

    This post was great and so inspirational! Just pinned this! 🙂

    Elisabet |

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    August 24, 2017

    I love, love, love this! Struggles and setbacks are a real challenge in the blogging world and it’s nice to know that we aren’t alone and that there are people out there rooting us on! Thanks for the reminder to keep going and to never give up! xo

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    August 24, 2017

    Good post that covers a LOT of territory! Many people have that glamorous life misconception, or the idea that this blog of mine is either all fun and games, or a silly waste of time. We have to be strong, and face our own fears and set backs, as well as support each other, to make it. Thank you!

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    August 25, 2017

    I honestly think that I struggle with every single one of these! I still use blogspot, and I know I need to switch. It’s not supported through the app, and it crashes while I’m writing. I just worry that I’ll lose followers that I’ve worked hard to get. It’s helpful to know I’m not alone with my worries!

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    August 29, 2017

    Thank you so much for this post! As a new blogger, it’s been so hard to get started without getting frustrated all the time. These stories are inspiring and are really helping me to keep going with my passion for blogging!

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    Shauntia Dyson

    August 29, 2017

    This was a great read! As a new blogger I can definitely relate!