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Boss Girl Bloggers Member Spotlight!

Happy Member Spotlight! Today I am featuring one of my favorite bloggers – Coco from Blog Darling, She is the sweetest, and I love all of her posts! Her content is so helpful, she is like me and wants to help other female boss babes take their blog to the next level! Let’s hear her story!


Who Am I?

blog darling boss girl bloggers member spotlight

My name is Coco and I am the girl behind Blog Darling! My blog is all about helping girls turn their blog into a business and make money blogging!

I am a full-time college student studying information technology by day, and a blogger by night. (One day I hope to make blogging my full-time career!) A few things I love are blogging (duh), big cities (I’m from NYC!), Diet Coke (I’m basically addicted to it), and traveling.

Why I Started My Blog

I had wanted to start a blog for years! I spent a ton of time reading blogs, especially keeping up with my favorite travel bloggers!

I tried to start my own travel blog, which failed pretty quickly. I realized that while I love traveling, I don’t actually like blogging about travel.

For months, I kept researching and reading about blogging, especially how to make money blogging. The idea of starting my own blog and turning it into a business really appealed to me. And so I decided to start Blog Darling! Funny enough, I found that I really enjoyed blogging about blogging.

I started my blog so that I could have my own business and inspire other girls to do the same. On my blog, I share my income reports and other “behind-the-scenes” tips on how to make money blogging.

My Blogging Struggles

While running my blog is extremely fun and rewarding, there are also plenty of challenges.

One of my biggest challenges is making time for blogging and managing all of the things I need to do for my blog. As a full-time college student, it’s definitely a balancing act.

I know many other female bloggers feel the same way, whether you are trying to balance running a blog with school, your career, or being a mom!

Overcoming These Struggles

Balancing your blog with the rest of your life can be tricky, but here are some of the things I have learned throughout my blogging journey that have helped me run my blog successfully:

  • Write about what you love. Don’t pick a blogging niche just because you think it will be profitable. If you don’t LOVE what you’re writing about, you will get burnt out quickly and your blog will suffer.
  • Use a planner. As bloggers, we have a million things we need to do every day. Write posts, create graphics/photos, post on social media, build an email list, engage with others, and so on. It can be easy to fall behind if you don’t use a planner to stay organized!
  • Create a routine. It can be so easy to put off blogging for a day if you have a busy schedule. If you are serious about blogging, it’s important to find time to set aside each day to work on your blog. Whether that means waking up super early, or working on it during your lunch break, establishing a routine will help your blog!
  • Write down your blogging goals. Break down goals into yearly, quarterly, and monthly. Then write down ACTIONS you can take to achieve those goals! Visualizing where my blog where I want it to be a year from now, and knowing the steps I need to take to achieve those goals, keeps me so motivated!
  • Find a community. Where would I be without the Boss Girl Bloggers Facebook group?! I can’t stress enough how important finding a blogging community is. You will never feel uninspired or unmotivated for long if you have a place you can go to connect with other bloggers. ☺

Be sure to check out Coco & her beautiful blog to continue to get inspired by her work!


Until Next Time,