20 Tips to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode

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What You Should Be Doing to Increase Your Blog Traffic

We all know the struggle of getting views to your blog! I’ll be the first to admit that getting page views to sky rocket doesn’t happen over night – and requires a lot of hard work and patience! I will share with you however, ways that I have helped my blog traffic sky rocket! Maybe you have already tried some of these, but if not, now is a good time to! So let’s just jump right into it!

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Tip #1 – Create Your Best Content

I am not saying your content has to be “perfect” because there is no such thing, BUT you should take the time to put effort into all of your blog posts! Believe it or not, if you have great quality content, readers will turn into subscribers meaning, THEY WILL COME BACK. That’s the important part! So, take the time to proofread, create blog graphics, make your content stand out from others! Even investing in quality lighting and a camera for your blog photos is worth it!

Tip #2 – Use Your Own Photos

I know this can be difficult because let’s face it, we aren’t all photographers! BUT if you use your own photos rather than using stock photos etc – you may see an increase in blog traffic. A lot of readers prefer to see how creative you can be with taking your own photos (especially beauty/fashion/ travel bloggers). I will leave some of my favorite photo taking items below:


Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR

Cannon Rebel EOS T6 DSLR

This is a great camera to invest in! You can always change out the lenses as time goes on. Captures flawless images.

LimoStudio Box Lighting

Grow blog Traffic with this lighting

This is the lighting I use to take my flat lays or any of my indoor images. Helps to brighten and create white tones as opposed to yellow lighting.

Neewer Ring Light 14 inch Ring Light

Grow Your Blog Traffic

This is perfect lighting to use for taking youtube videos or selfies! I will use this light for taking my makeup looks. It’s stunning.


Tip #3 – Utilize Pinterest

I can’t stress the importance of Pinterest enough! It can be confusing setting your Pinterest up to be “blog traffic ready” But, you should definitely take the time to set your Pinterest up for blog success! Here’s how:

  1. Switch your Pinterest over to a business account. You can do that here.
  2. After – Make sure that you verify your website on Pinterest. For help click here
  3. Next, enable RICH PINS. This will make it so that when people come across a pin from your blog post or website, it will have a description of what the post is about. It will also have a link for easy, clickable access. Rich Pins get clicked on more often than those that are not. Here is how to enable rich pins.
  4. Utilize keywords throughout your Pinterest captions. Pinterest is like a search engine. If you use the right keywords, your pins will rank higher.
  5. Join pinterest group boards and rein your blog posts to these boards. If you are wondering how to find group boards to join, use the search bar to search for group boards in your niche. THEN read the group description to see how to join! Group boards help a ton with blog traffic!
  6. Have “pin perfect” blog graphics throughout your blog post. At least 2 different ones are ideal! A “pin perfect” blog graphic would be a graphic that is ideally 735 x 1102 – One app that I recommend using to create your Pinterest graphics would be Canva. This is the app I use to create my perfect pin graphics! Ideally, graphics that get repined more on pinterest are vertical pins that are warm tones like oranges and reds. Typically cool tones do better on Instagram than on Pinterest. Here is an example of one of my “perfect pinnable” graphics.

How I Increased My Blog Traffic

If you would like to read my full post on Pinterest and how to utilize it, you can read that HERE

Tip #4 – Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have really helped me to boost my traffic! It also helps if you create and grow your own facebook group that revolves around your niche. I created my own group called BOSS GIRL BLOGGERS and grew it to over 20,000 members. Most of my traffic comes from this group! Feel free to join my group HERE. If you are interested in creating your own group and learning how to grow it, you should check out this post next!

Once you are a part of a few facebook groups, keep an eye out for blog promo threads and make sure to add your new blog post to these threads! You can also share blog posts directly to facebook groups THAT ALLOW IT. Make sure to always read group rules first!

Here are some other awesome groups to join on Facebook

Blogging Network

Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Blogging Boost

Lovely Bloggers

Tip #5 – Promote Your Blog Post More Than One Day

Let’s say you try and create a blog post or two a week. Make sure that you aren’t just promoting your blog post for that ONE day, keep promoting daily until you create a new post. You can repin your blog post to your Pinterest, HOWEVER make sure you are breaking it up by repining other’s content in between. Try and make sure you don’t forget about your blog posts. Even a month later you can re promote blog posts. Promoting is KEY.

Tip #6 – Make Sure You Have Share Icons

Your blog posts will get barely any traffic if you don’t have an option for your readers to share it. The plugin I use for my share buttons is called SUMO. This makes it so that if someone is reading my post and wants to share it on their social medias, they can.

Tip #7 – Utilize Twitter

Surprisingly, Twitter can be great for your blog traffic! You can tweet your new blog posts and if they get enough retweets, your traffic will definitely rise.

Tip #8 – Have an Email List Builder

One of my NUMBER ONE reasons for switching from wordpress .com to wordpress .org (self hosting) was because I wanted to be able to build my email list. Building your email list can help your blog traffic tremendously!

If you don’t self host already I recommend it. Self hosting is the cheapest wordpress option if you are wanting to monetize, + grow your wordpress blog. In order to use plug ins on wordpress .com you would have to purchase the business plan which is PRICEY! If you self host, you can get wordpress plugins with your self host for as little as 3.95$ a month. I use Site Ground and I swear by them. Their support team is extremely helpful and fast responding, they transferred me from wordpress .com to .org at no additional cost! Only 3.95$ a month / 48$ for the whole year via MY LINK 

Now for my email list builder, I recommend MailerLite. It’s super simple to use! (drag drop template) and it’s free for up to 1,000 subscribers. Having an email list is ideal because social media is always changing, it’s important to have those who are interested in your blog all in one place so that you can email them with updates and important information! Those that subscribe to your blog are the ones who truly love your content and care about what you are sharing! “Your RIDE or DIES”

If you are wondering how to get people to subscribe to your blog, I suggest creating an opt in (freebie for your readers for subscribing.) Example: My opt in is a free 28 day blog challenge for all that subscribe to my site.

Tip #9 – Utilize Instagram

As much as I am hating Instagram lately, it still can be of help to bring traffic to your blog. Especially for those who blog about fashion, beauty, travel, etc. Each time you have a new blog post, take a photo related to your post and share it, let your followers on Instagram know you have a new blog post and leave the link in your bio.

Utilizing Instagram stories to let your following know about a new blog post helps too! Especially if you are a business account with over 10,000 follows because you can actually add your blog post links to your Instagram stories! So convenient!

If you want tips on how to grow your Instagram be sure to check out this post.

Tip #10 – Link Back to Older Posts When Possible

This is actually such a great tip that really works! If you are creating a blog post that can tie into an old blog post, make sure to add a link back to your previous blog post. Just like how I did above with my Instagram tips. This gives your readers the option to read about previous blog posts that you have already posted that they might not have read otherwise. It also helps your bounce rate too!

Tip #11 – Figure Out What Posts Work and What Don’t

Blogging is full of trial and error. You need to pay attention to which posts get the most attention and which posts flop. Create content based off of what works for your posts. If you find that your “Budget Tip” posts get more attention than your “Destination” posts, maybe focus on creating more posts related to budgeting. Always pay attention to your stats and create content that works best.

Tip #12 – Guest Posts/Collaborating with Other Bloggers

Guest posting is when you take over someone else’s blog for one blog post. Essentially you write a blog post for someone else’s blog. This can be really helpful because it gives you the chance to get noticed on other people’s blog, therefore potentially driving traffic to your blog.

You should also try and collaborate with other bloggers too! Especially those who might have more views than you. An example of a collaboration could be a “tag”. Like creating a Fall Tag blog post where you talk about your favorite fall things but, whoever you team up with would be doing this fall tag post too! You both would mention each other’s blogs in these “collab” posts. Example:

“Today I am doing the Fall Favorites Tag. This is a collaboration with so and so, be sure to check out their fall favorites next! (link there blog here)”


Tip #13 – Host a Give Away

Who doesn’t enjoy a give away? Run a give away on your blog where in order to win, they MUST be subscribed and/or they must share your blog on social media. Make sure before you create a giveaway you look over rules etc. to make sure you aren’t breaking any give away laws in your country.

Tip #14 – Search Engine Optimization.

SEO can have a huge effect on your blog traffic. First off – it’s been said that wordpress gives you the best SEO which is why I always recommend everyone to use a self hosted wordpress off the bat. WordPress will allow you to add a plug in called YOAST SEO which is SO HELPFUL for making sure your post has the best search engine optimization.

Why is SEO important? WELL – if you want your blog and blog posts to rank high on google or search engines – you need to have good SEO. Ranking high on search engines helps your blog traffic immensely.

1. Install an SEO plugin. I use the popular YOAST SEO Plugin. This is such a helpful tool!

2. You have to determine your keywords. Do Keyword research too if you have to! Choosing the right keywords is important. Use keywords that are searched often. Or you could use the “long tail keywords” trick. It’s a 3-4 phrase that is specific to what you are blogging about. There isn’t as much competition because it’s searched less, which makes for a better chance of ranking higher.

3. Make sure through out your post you are using your key words & include key words in your meta description.

4. Make sure you have subheadings. These subheadings let search engines know what your post is about. H2 heading is a go to.

5. Make sure you are giving your images a title and ALT text. This let’s search engines know what your picture is about which helps with optimization.

6. Link back to previous posts that you have done! Refer back to your old posts by linking them in your new post. This really helps optimization as well as getting readers to view older posts.

Tip #15 – Post AT LEAST 2 to 3 Times a Week

If you think about it, the more you post, the more chances you have at getting page views. I try to post at least twice a week but if you are just starting off I think it’s important to post 3 times a week.

Tip #16 – Post on a Schedule

Posting on a schedule can be helpful! For example: If you post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon, those who follow your blog content will know exactly when to look for your new posts. They will essentially be excited for those days at noon! Having a consistent schedule can keep your readers coming back, in exchange, helps your blog traffic!

Tip #17 – Engage with Others

As simple as it sounds, engaging with other bloggers can help your traffic! I don’t know about you BUT if someone takes the time to comment on my blog post, I will take the time to check out their blog in return. Commenting on other’s blog posts can help drive traffic to your blog as well. Not to mention, if someone sees your comment on a blog post, they might be curious to check your blog out too. Be friendly, be social! Engage and connect with others. When you leave comments – if it gives you the option to leave your site name – DO!

Tip #18 – Grow Relationships and Connections

If you are creating connections with your subscribers and readers, they will WANT to come back to your blog. I find that being kind, friendly, and personable is important when it comes to being a successful blogger! If your reader feels welcomed and connected with you on a personal level, they will not only come back to your blog, but they will trust and value your content!

Tip #19 – Feature Other Bloggers (Round – Up) Posts

This is a great way to not only support other bloggers but to grow your blog traffic as well. A great way to feature other bloggers is to create Monthly Round Up posts that feature your favorite bloggers of the month. This is especially great to do when you are just starting out! If the blogger is featured, most of the time they will share the post! This means – more eyes on your blog!

Tip #20 – Set Aside an Hour a Day to Focus on Promoting

I know this may sound excessive but honestly, it can help! If you give yourself an hour a day where you can promote your blog posts via facebook groups, pinterest, other social medias etc. you are REALLY doing yourself and your blog stats a HUGE favor. MAKE THE TIME.

I hope these tips helped! Hopefully you now know that you are on the right track, or you now know how to get on the right track! Let me know of any additional blog traffic tips that you have in the comments!

I have been loving my blog coaching sessions! Talking and meeting with some of you has been such a pleasure! I love helping others get on the right track! If you are interested in setting up a blog coaching session with me feel free to send me an email! laurenduclos@aim.com

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