BGB Member Spotlight – Bedtime Stories for Brighid.

Today for Boss Girl Blogger Member Spotlight Saturday I am featuring Erin from Bedtime Stories for Brighid! Erin is an inspirational momma! Here’s her story.

Who am I?

Erin from Bedtime stories for brighid!

My name is Erin Cotter. I am a writer, and I love all things related to writing, business, finance, personal growth, and health & wellness. I am a mother, and I write the Bedtime Stories for Brighid Blog. I got the idea for the blog when I took a class on skillshare, and was prompted to take a challenge to create something for 100 days. I chose bedtime stories, because as a new mom, I found it incredibly difficult to come up with good bedtime stories to tell my daughter before bed. I always thought I was creative, and then when I had to think of a story at night my mind would blank out and I couldn’t think of anything. I love reading and writing and it ended up being a great way to combine the two of them. I am an advocate for attachment parenting and I believe that a lot of life is more about nurture vs nature. I believe that if you give your child good things and ideas you will be helping them on their way to success.

My Blogging Journey

My blogging journey really began when I was in college, but mainly because that was when the internet became more popular. I think of blogging as a way to journal your thoughts, and experiences, and I’ve been keeping journals since I was a child.

I had so many journals; when I was in elementary school, one specifically for the Backstreet Boys (I was such a fan), one for poetry, Dear Journal, and I’ve been doing that pretty much ever since then. Blogging for me was the next logical step.

My first blog was From Flab to Fab, and it was basically about documenting my journey to healthy eating & fitness. I always felt nervous making posts on it though. It was on Blogger & Tumblr. Then I changed to a new blog I called “The Real Life Adventures of a College Student” which was a super long title, and in an effort to rank higher on google, I changed the name to just: and started using that for all my social media sites. I still kept up with From Flab to Fab on Tumblr at the time.

In the past year or so, I began my newest blog; Bedtime Stories for Brighid, which is a niche mommy blog, and I am really happy with the blog so far. Although, after I finished my 100 Bedtime Stories, which was SUCH a challenge and very difficult to complete, I decided I really want to have other people sharing their fictional works on the blog, so that is my current challenge, finding guest bloggers.

My Blogging Struggles

My biggest struggle in blogging has been, finding my audience. I was stuck for so long thinking that my audience would be people I know. Finally, I let all that weight go, and decided to find out my own audience. It is kind of like sitting down and deciding who your clients will be, which I never fully got until recently, “you won’t do too well, selling ice cream in Alaska,” or so the saying goes. I started becoming much more active in communities for bloggers and parenting, and have found this to be the way to my success. The more I started reading other bloggers, and taking in what they had to say, and becoming active in the community the more success I had.


 What I’ve learned through my blogging journey:

  1. It is hard work and goal setting can be a great way to make it a habit to blog.
  2. It is easier to write my topics/ ideas in the Blog titles and save it for later to complete the post. Making sure I write down the Ideas I want to blog about so I can come back to them and don’t forget.
  3. Not putting too much pressure on myself helps me keep it fun.


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