Get Your Blogging Sh*t Together – 2018 Goals

12 Days of BLOG TIPS – Day FOUR (Get Your Sh*t Together Blogger Style)

It’s 12 Days of Blog Tips – Day 4!!! Today’s post is going to be all about getting your blogging sh*t together! With the new year fast approaching, I thought this would be the PERFECT post. How many of us can truly say we have our blogging sh*t together? I know I definitely am not where I want to be! There are still days that I feel unorganized, unmotivated, stressed out and overwhelmed! WELL NOT NEXT YEAR! In 2018 I am taking my blog to the next level and I am getting my blogging sh*t together! All it takes is crushing goals, consistency, and determination!

How to Get Your Blogging Sh*T Together 2018

Blogging goals that you need to have this year to get your blogging sh*t together.


Make Short Term Goals That Help Your Long Term Goal

Let’s be honest for a minute, we all make “new years resolutions” but how many of us STICK to that resolution? VERY FEW! I am guilty of making a resolution and never following through. I think the reason for this is because our resolutions are so COMPLEX and we fail to focus on short term goals that help us stick to our new years resolution. Creating a long term goal is hard to achieve without focusing on short term goals that help you reach your long term goal.

So let’s say your “long term goal” is to take your blog to the next level. Now, think about the short term goals that will GET you to that NEXT level! Maybe it’s putting out more content, or monetizing your blog! Maybe you have been wanting to self host for a while now and you’ve been saving up, and now you are ready to take the next step and self host! Whatever those steps you need to take to get your blog to the NEXT level may be, write those short term goals down and hold yourself accountable!

Plan Your Content Out

If there is one thing I learned about blogging, it’s to be ORGANIZED + PLAN AHEAD. I am way too guilty of not planning ahead & I am definitely the type to leave things a mess! I feel like my life is in constant chaos because I am focusing on my Boss Girl Blogger’s group, my blog, my part time job, + all of my social medias. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous BUT managing ALL of these things is CHAOTIC. I don’t recommend taking on this much work if you get stressed out easily because sh*t it’s all so stressful! SO, what I learned is that I need to PLAN AHEAD. Planning ahead has helped my sanity out immensely! I recommend you do it if you are wanting not only to feel less stressed, BUT if you are wanting to get your blogging sh*t together, this is for you!

The way that I like to plan out my content is with daily planners. I am the type of person who does better when things are written out in front of me. That’s why I don’t use my phone or editorials online. I write things out in my planner instead.

At the beginning of each month I will take my list of blog post ideas and plan them out. I will write down what post I want to have up by which day. The key is to keep yourself accountable! Make sure you follow your monthly posting schedule. You are also want to be reasonable with yourself. Don’t schedule too many posts if you know you won’t have the time for it all.

Whenever you have a blog post idea come to mind, make sure you either write it down in a “blog post ideas” notebook OR you type it onto your phone “notes”.

Keeping up with and planning your blog posts monthly schedule will save you time, and energy, it will also prevent writer’s block!

Set Timers

If you are looking to practice time management, then this is for you!!! I LOVE setting timers for myself. It helps keep me on task, and makes it so that I am getting all my tasks completed!

  1. Write down the tasks that you need to get done that day.
  2. Prioritize the tasks by the most important to least important.
  3. Set a timer that gives you a reasonable time to get the task done.
  4. Once timer goes off, if the task isn’t finished, put it to the bottom and move on to your next task.
  5. Once all tasks are touched on, go back to tasks you didn’t get to finish, and try to finish them.

This method helps me to stay on task and touch base on all tasks I need to get accomplished.

Take 5 Minute Breaks – Not long breaks

When it comes to working on my blog/biz/group I know that breaks are necessary. However, long breaks can do more harm than good. That’s why to me it’s important to give myself short breaks. After an hour or two hours make sure to take a 5-10 minute break. Whether it be breathing exercises, a break to eat or just sit and clear your mind. That’s important.

What you would need to stop doing is taking LONG BREAKS… week breaks, month breaks, multiple long breaks etc. Taking long breaks or taking too many breaks can make you feel even more unmotivated, it slows your journey down, and it makes your readers feel as if they can’t rely/trust you to post consistent content. Posting consistent content is KEY to getting your blogging sh*t together!

Get MORE Consistent

It’s time to really get consistent this year when it comes to blogging. Create blogging schedules, stick to it, post every M,W,F or T,Thurs,Su. Whatever blogging days you want to have, make sure to stick to it! You can even create different themes and series too! Example:

Self Care Sundaze

Tip Tuesdays

Motivational Monday

Get Fit Friday

Fashion Fridays

Crafty Wednesdays 

Whatever it may be. Get creative + get consistent! 

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Invest in Your Blog

If you are trying to get serious in your blog it may be a smart idea to INVEST in a few things for your blog.

The first investment I ever made for my blog was self hosting and I am so happy I did! Self hosting is the BEST option for taking your blog to the next level. I use Site Ground as my self host and absolutely LOVE them!

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Another investment would be a blog coach. I may be biased to this because I am a blog coach. BUT everyone that I have coaching sessions with always end up learning something about blogging that they didn’t know beforehand.

Whether it’s just a session to go over wordpress basics, or a session to learn about monetizing your blog. You can talk to your blog coach about anything you have concerning your blog/biz AND the best part is having coaching sessions keeps you accountable for getting your blog to the next level and staying consistent!

Ever interested in blog coaching sessions with me? Details HERE

The next thing I invested in for my blog was a good theme! I believe appearance plays a huge role in getting your blogging sh*t together! You want a blog that looks professional and put together! Investing in a put together theme that WOWS, helps a ton! I bought my theme on Creative Market! I love my theme! They have so many to choose from.

blog traffic strategy that you need to explode your stats

Create a Space

If you don’t have a space already, it’s time to create one. Having a space where you can go and really focus on your work and blog can help motivate, and help you get sh*t done! Your space should be somewhere quiet, and away from distractions. Maybe your own home office? Or a quiet corner in your room. Where ever it is that you can go to get away from the noise and really focus. It doesn’t have to be a large space.

Set up your space to inspire. You want to fill your space with things that inspire you, and make you feel positive. Some things to include in your space are:

  1. Photos that make you happy OR inspired. Even creating a dream board with inspirational quotes and images.
  2. Scents that soothe you. Whether it’s a candle or essential oils. Scents that soothe me are eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, or vanilla.
  3. Have soothing music. I use spotify and play jazz music or focus music playlists.

Make sure you have enough room to do your work but your space doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole room. 

Focus on Strategies

Some of my favorite strategies for growing blog traffic are Pinterest + Facebook Groups.

Also another thing that I did that helped grow my blog A TON is create my own Facebook group. Being an admin of a Facebook group (Boss Girl Bloggers) is a crap ton of work but it’s worth it and I love doing it! I started Boss Girl Bloggers in April of 2017, BGBs is now a thriving group of 24,000 female entrepreneurs and bloggers! Growing a large group like this that you are the admin of can be extremely beneficial! I suggest everyone try to create and grow a group that is aimed towards your blog’s niche! If you are looking for how to grow your group, you can check out this post. A majority of my traffic comes from my Facebook group!

Try + Monetize

If you ever thought about monetizing your blog (making money from your blog) 2018 can be your year to try! It never hurts to try. Even if it’s just a few cents… as your blog continues to grow, your income can too!

I started my blog in April & began making consistently over 1,500$ a month, 6 months later. If you take your blog seriously, put in the dedication, and figure out a good strategy, you CAN make money. Note* making money comes at different times for each person.

Some ways you can monetize is:

  1. Collaborate with brands: Brands will essentially PAY you to talk about their products on your blog! If you are ever wondering how much you should charge, I recommend checking out Social Blue Book!
  2. Affiliate Marketing: An affiliate link is a link you would use, if someone purchases product through your affiliate link, you receive a percentage of the sale at NO additional cost to them. Affiliate Marketing Tips.
  3. Selling Products/Services: If you have valuable information to share related to your niche you can create an ebook OR e-course! Many have been successful with this, BUT you don’t want a bad rep so make sure the content is worth the cost!
  4. Ads: You can place ads on your blog/site to generate a small amount of income in the beginning. As your blog continues to grow, the income can rise. I use Google Adsene but have also heard great things about Media Vine.
  5. Become a social media manager: If you are really itching for money you can become a social media manager. There are always bloggers out there that don’t have the time to focus on their social media, emails, etc. and they will pay someone to do that for them! If you have the skills and time, you can score a spot! Fiverr a great place to try and find a social media manager job!

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Wake up earlier – Morning Routine

There is nothing better than starting off your day right! Having a morning routine that does JUST that, helps a ton! It helps to keep you motivated, focused, and feeling like your life is “put together”.

  1. Wake up and start your day off with a positive thought. Make sure you tell yourself “it’s going to be a good day.” If you start your morning off with negative thoughts, you are only setting yourself up for a bad day.
  2. Do something in the morning that you enjoy, whether it be a good cup of coffeee or journaling…OR EVEN BOTH.
  3. Have some quality “me” time in the morning.
  4. Try to get to bed a little bit earlier so that you can wake up earlier. Having extra time in the morning makes your days feel just a little bit longer so that you can essentially, get more done!

Eliminate Distractions

If you are anything like me, you have many distractions that get in the way of your work. Whether it be your phone, tv, little ones, loud noise etc. It’s important to set aside time where you know you won’t have these distractions. Whether it be working while the little ones nap, or when they are all in bed. In the beginning you may need to work later or wake up earlier just to have that time away from any distractions.

When you are working on your blog make sure your phone is away and out of reach. Don’t have anything around you that will bring your focus away from your work. I know it can be hard but you need to be sure to do this. Distractions will take away from your time + content.

Eliminate Negativity

2018 is going to be a year of positivity! We need to leave all the negative vibes, energy, and people behind. The negative only delays your journey and gets in the way of your success. If you are surrounded by negative people who don’t support you, you need to leave them in 2017.

We tend to mimmick those who we are around. If you are around negative people all the time, you could feed off of those negative vibes and become a bundle of negative energy.

I love to surround myself with those who are ambitious, working hard, setting goals, and spreading positivity! Those who support me and make me want to continue to do good, those are the kind of people you want to take with you to 2018.

Practice spreading positivity and turning any negative thoughts into positive ones.

It’s time for you to BELIEVE in yourself and in your blog/biz. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either! 


I hope you take these tips with you to 2018 and let’s make it the most PRODUCTIVE, SUCCESSFUL year yet!!! I have a good feeling about this!!!!

Until Next Time,





  1. December 18, 2017 / 3:43 am

    Great tips as always!!! I am so guilty of some of these especially taking long breaks. In the past i would take like a month off to rest and then try to pick up again lol, not a good idea like you said. I also love the happy planner, organization is key like you said. I will try to follow the tip about planning out each day and setting a timer because i ALWAYS go over my allocated time and end up leaving stuff undone.

  2. December 18, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    I’m doing some of these things already, I have to work on others that you list – especially my time management and taking breaks. I will pin it for later and look at it every time I feel stuck and build up too much negativity. Thank you, it’s a good inspiration for 2018. Have a great year!

  3. December 19, 2017 / 11:41 am

    Thank you for this great post!! I find sometimes things will come to my inbox and I ‘flag’ them because I know I want to go back and read them but may not have the time at that moment, well, half the time I never go back because the day takes control….this one I am glad I read when I opened it!!!
    XOXO Sherri…..

  4. December 22, 2017 / 2:44 am

    Thank you for sharing some great guidance. You are so correct, need to set consistent days to blog.

  5. December 23, 2017 / 12:17 am

    These are really great blogging tips! As a high school student, I often struggle to balance school obligations and extracurriculars with my blog, so while I try to become more involved on my blog in the coming year I’ll keep these in mind. I hope to plan and schedule more content ahead of time this year to post more consistently. Thanks for sharing!

    claire @ clairefy

  6. February 10, 2018 / 8:09 am

    Great tips here! Getting more consistent is my goal right now. I’ve never used a schedule before when it comes to my blog but I REALLY need one and actually plan today to create one and stick to it!

  7. February 10, 2018 / 11:35 am

    This post is super helpful! I find myself constantly losing motivation and it’s really time for me to get my blogging sh*t together! I definitely think themed days and series would be helpful and more fun when it comes to writing posts! Thanks for the info!

    Nicole |

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