How I Got 2,000 Instagram Followers in 2 Months!

How I Got Almost 2,000 Instagram Followers in 2 months! 

When I first started my blog about 2 and 1/2 months back, my Instagram account had about 1,300 followers. I have since then, in 2 and 1/2 months grown my following to almost 3,000. Everyone seems to love blog posts like this, so I will continue!

Growing your social media accounts can be tricky, time consuming, and may feel as if it will never be possible. However, it is possible! I am going to share with you my Instagram secrets that can help you to grow your following a little bit quicker!

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Secret #1 Content/Theme 

If you notice as you scroll through some of the Instagram’s of bloggers who are more well known, you notice their photos looking seamlessly perfect. Of course, you don’t need a high quality camera to produce beautiful arrays of photos. I, actually use my IPhone and it works for me just fine!

As long as you are posting quality photos such as: Good lighting, bright colors, & photos that truly speak to you, your followers will begin to flow in.

It is important that you are posting images that you are passionate about. If you aren’t passionate about them, chances are your followers won’t be either!

Now let’s discuss theme.

This can be difficult. I still struggle with a perfect theme on my Instagram. Having a theme on Instagram can be more aesthetically pleasing to look at. It also makes your Instagram look a bit more “professional”. Now you are probably wondering, “How do I create an Instagram theme?”

Heres how:

  1. Focus on a color scheme. The brighter the better. Here are some of my favorite examples.




2. You can use different backgrounds to make sure your images are always matching/flowing. Examples would be; a white bed comforter, a white table top, a backdrop. I have also gotten marble tile from home depot and have used that before. It sounds tedious but consistency and aesthetically pleasing images really grabs follower’s attention more!

Secret #2  Engagement 

It is super essential that you are engaging with others’ posts on Instagram. DO NOT USE ROBOTS. They are super annoying and it shows less of a personal connection. Show you care by writing something sweet on another’s post.

What I like to do is comment and like on those who I am following’s photos first. After I will check out hash tags that relate to my niche and comment and like on the recent photos there. I find that this brings a lot of attention to my Instagram. After I like and comment I get a few new followers and likes/comments back! I set about 30 mins a day to make sure I am able to do this. Growing your Instagram can sometimes be vital for a successful blog! *Note, growing your Instagram also strikes the attention of companies. Companies begin approaching you when your following begins to grow. A fun perk*

Secret #3 Write an Engaging Caption

Not only is it important to engage with others but, it is also important that others engage with you. Instagram’s algorithm is unique. The more engagement you have on your photo the better. End your caption with a question for your followers. Make them want to comment on your photo!

Create engaging captions, be unique, be different.

Another way to receive engagement on your photos is to join Instagram pods! 

I am a part of a few Instagram pods and the ladies are all so supportive and awesome!

An Instagram pod is like a group message on Instagram. Each new post you put up, you let the Instagram pod know. Everyone in the pod will then go like and comment on your new post! It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers as well!

Secret #4 Hash Tags 

I know hash tags may come off as annoying, ugly, and just obnoxious but, they work!! They allow others who are not following you yet, to find you! A trick as well is to hide the hash tags, since they are very “unappealing”

Write your caption then 

hit enter/space a few times






(all hashtags here)

Works like a charm!!

Now let me tell you some of my favorite hashtags that bring me engagement and follows. 


#OOTD #OOTN #StyleDiaries #Style #bbloggers #whatIwore #fashionblogger #fashionista #stylequeen #haul #instahaul #clothing #outfit #outfitideas #chic #trendsetter #trendy #outfitinspirations #fashiondiaries #stylegram #whatIworeToday #passionforfashion


#makeupflatlay #makeupqueen #beautyqueen #makeupaddict #beautyblogger #makeupcollection #beautyguru #instabeauty #makeuphaul #Iheartmakeup #makeupobsessed #flatlayaddict #beauty #lookoftheday #makeupoftheday #slay #selfie #wakeupandmakeup #beautyjunkie


#homedecor #interiordesign #myhome #homeinspo #decor #decorate #home #welcometomyhome #interiorstyling #homeinspiration #homedesign #design #homelove #decoratingobsession #getthislook


#lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #blog #blogger #blogit #blogtips #diyblog #lifestyleblog #beautyblog #fashionblog #travelblog #ontheblog #newblogpost #todaysblog #mommyblogs #bloglovin #bossbabe #girlboss #bossgirl


#wander #wanderlust #travel #traveler #onthego #explore #explorer #goexplore #gooutsideyourcomfortzone #worldexplorer #worldtraveler #getlost #boho #travelblog #travelblogger #blogonthego

Secret #5 Facebook Groups/Instagram Threads

There are Facebook groups you can join to promote your Instagram. There are also threads where you can promote your Instagram. You can check out my group that I host on Facebook, we share and help support each other on Instagram & our blog often! Check it out here.

Also check out my other Facebook group recommendations here.

One advice I would give is to try not to do follow for follow threads because you will find yourself following a lot of Instagram accounts that don’t even interest you. However if you do say you are going to follow back, make sure you do!

Secret #6 Follow Others Wisely 

What I mean by this, follow other accounts in your niche. That way they will be more likely to want to follow you back as well! If you are following accounts that don’t relate to your Instagram at all, then they probably won’t be interested in your account.

It is also important to get your followers to following ratio low. For example, I like to keep my who I am following number lower than those following me. I have almost 3,000 followers & I only follow about 600.

One thing I cannot stand is when an account with 10k followers or more follows me and then unfollows me when I follow them back. This is a poor strategy and super frustrating. Don’t do that! 

I use an app that can tell me who is following back and who isn’t. It will also tell me who unfollows me, blocks me, deletes likes and comments, etc. This app is called InsTrack

Secret #7 Join Style Collective 

I am huge into beauty and fashion so when I joined Style Collective I was pleasantly surprised! Everyone is extremely nice and you can follow each other on Instagram! It also allows you to schedule meet ups with other bloggers! How awesome is that! Not to mention style collective bloggers are so engaging, supportive, and active on social media platforms.

You can check out style collective here

Secret #8 Post Consistently 

The more consistently you are posting on your account, the more followers you will receive. I promise! People love those who are consistent with their work. They tend to trust them more. I like to post at least 2-3 times a day. Make sure you aren’t posting back to back. That can be “spammy” and annoying to your followers. I like to spread my posts out by a good couple of hours!

Secret #9 Be True to You 

Make sure your Instagram is a reflection of you, your personality, your creativity. The more genuine & relatable you are, the more others will want to follow you. Just be yourself. Post what you love, what you enjoy, what you are passionate about! The rest will follow (:

I hope you find these tips to be of help! You can check out my Instagram account and follow me here!




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