75$ for 1 hour session via Skype or Phone Call.

Before the first session I would propose a few questions that will help me to learn about your journey and blog thus far. This will also help to figure out what the best topics would be to discuss over the duration of the 60 mins.

Each additional session we would continue to discuss further info that would help to better YOUR blogging journey. We’d figure out a social media strategy, discuss what to add or subtract from your blog + overall blog appearance. We’d work on any areas that need strengthening.

You are free to stop the blog coaching whenever you feel is best. I want nothing more than to help you pursue your dreams while staying motivated and focused!

If you’d like to discuss scheduling a session email me at: 



Adilene: “I just have to say that having a session with Lauren was fucken awesome! She is such a sweetheart! I honestly learned so much from talking with her. My biggest thing was that I’m super new to blogging, so having someone share with me how to do things was so helpful. She broke things down for me, even the most basic stuff that most bloggers might know, so that made things a lot easier for me. I was struggling on how to better improve upon my blog, like posting twice a week instead of once a week. Also, just getting basic feedback on the look of my blog, how to better organize my days to blog and making sure I set time to take pictures. She will challenge you, so that your blog is the best representation of what you want it to be! I definitely recommend reaching out to her if you have questions or need help! I can’t wait to have my next session with her! ”