Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils?

What are essential oils? All about essential oils and how they can improve your everyday life

The definition of essential oils is: “A natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.”

Essential oils help to enhance everyday lives. Each oil has multiple different purposes and can help in so many different ways from, digestion, headaches, anxiety, stress, enhance moods, upset stomachs, menstrual cramps, and more! You can also use essential oils to freshen your home and bring a beautiful and pleasing aroma throughout your home naturally without using toxic sprays & candles.

Are you looking to live your life more naturally? Then Essential Oils is for YOU.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

So you want to get started with essential oils? YAY! I am thrilled and can’t wait to help you make this lifestyle change today! Getting started with Essential Oils has been an amazing journey and change for me!

I was a candle hoarder and didn’t realize how damaging some candles can be. Not to mention I was using all sorts of medications before realizing there were more natural approaches to everyday things like headaches and stomach pains! Example: Peppermint. I apply my peppermint essential oil mixed with my carrier oil coconut oil to my temples to relieve headaches. I apply it to my abdomen to relieve stomach pains. It’s crazy how well they can work!

I am a part of a FABULOUS team –  who strives to educate, empower, and inspire those who are wanting to live with elevated health using Doterra essential oils.

Doterra essential oils are pure, potent, and high quality essential oils. Doterra ensures that every measure is taken to bring you responsibly sourced, thoroughly tested, and high quality essential oil products.

I love & swear by this company which is why I joined the biz side of Doterra myself. I can’t recommend them enough.


Yes, essential oils are on the pricey side because they are 100% pure, and potent.

There are about 250 drops in a 15ml bottle. Usually no more than 2-4 drops is necessary for an application.

Here is a breakdown of oils from lowest cost per drop to highest:

  • Lemon – $0.04
  • Lavender – $0.08
  • Peppermint – $0.08
  • Melaleuca – $0.08
  • Breathe – $0.08
  • Oregano – $0.10
  • Digest Zen – $0.12
  • On Guard – $0.13
  • Frankincense – $0.28
  • Deep Blue – $0.38

My favorite way (and most popular way) to get started with essential oils is to do an Enrollment Kit. It’s the best value for starting out because the Enrollment kit will also include your wholesale membership, which is $35! Your wholesale membership is important because it ensures you are getting the BEST deal on cost for oils.

The Whole Sale Membership comes with: Access to our private Facebook community that helps support you and your oil journey, including; education on essential oils, wellness calls & consultations, a group of inspiring individuals journeying the oil life together! We won’t leave you high and dry, we are all about community and supporting each other.


REMEMBER: All kits include your $35 wholesale membership! 

AromaTouched Diffuse Kit: I find this is the most popular Enrollment kit & it’s what I chose. You receive a DIFFUSER as well as 9 essential oils to use (This is also one of the most affordable enrollment kits.) This kit is HUGE for supporting your mental health + immune system. Totaling $150.

Essential Oil Enrollment Kit. Doterra oils, aroma touch kit. Get started with essential oils today

The Family Essentials Kit: This is the basic kit with 10 most popular used essential oils. A great kit to start off with if you are new to essential oils. Priced at $150

Natural Solutions Kit: Another popular choice, you get your membership as well as all the core essential oils, vitamins,  and much more!  When you purchase this kit, if you order 100PV the next month you will receive 100PV(100$) in free points. Tons of freebies for you! A great valued kit! $550

Ready to become a WholeSale member & Get your Oil Journey Started? Join & Save HERE


Do I have to sell a certain amount each month? Selling oils is optional! You can enjoy your wholesale membership without selling oils at all! But if you do want to join my team and start your own oil biz send me an email! –

Do I have to order monthly? Nope! You can purchase whenever you want, how often as you want. If it’s once a year that’s totally fine! We will help educate you on the LRP system so that if you wish to purchase often, you are getting your moneys worth and making the most out of your membership to score free shipping, save money when purchasing and all that jazz!

Return policy? Yes, there is one! You can return your essential oils if they just aren’t for you. Red HERE on how.

How do I use them? That’s why we want you to join us! We are here to help educate you so that you are properly using your oils to their full advantage! We will welcome you with open arms and we will help teach you the best we can! & there is so much info out there already, Pinterest is my favorite spot to search up on essential oils (:


build an essential oils empire today.

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If you join our team you will receive mentoring, support, and guidance to help you grow your own oil business SUCCESSFULLY. All of the ladies on our team are incredibly knowledgable and so willing to help!

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There are SO MANY different ways to earn through Doterra.


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Can’t wait to take this journey with you! & Just know you will not be alone, I will be with you every step of the way! Let’s crush this!