How to Stay Organized, Motivated, and Productive as a Blogger

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How to Stay Organized, Motivated, + Productive as a Blogger

Let’s face it…As a blogger, just starting out it can be a little (okay a lot) stressful. Trying to make time for writing and growing your blog while still maintaining a full time job and social life is the hardest part. There are many nights when I have stayed up until 4 am working on my content and engaging on social media. I wanted to share with you just how I was able to organize myself as well as share all the time management tips that work for me! I hope this will be of help for you! I am all about making your life a little less stressful! 



I absolutely LOVE my planner! It helps me so so much! I used to be someone who would buy a cute planner and then never use it… I am telling you, start using your planner! You will grow to love it, and you will find out just how useful it is!

Different ways I use my planner //

  • I will take my month layout and write out what blog posts I wish to have posted and by when! I like to try and post at least 3 times a week! I find that writing down post ideas in advance helps to prevent any writers block! I will usually plan out my month 2 days before it begins! (the 28th -31st of the previous month)



  •  Plan out my to do lists. If I have a busy day, I would rather plan out my to do list for the day, to help keep me from getting side tracked. This also gives me the satisfaction of crossing off each task when it’s completed! I love knowing that I got something done!
  • Budget my bills! I absolutely love my planner when it comes to budgeting my monthly bills. I will write down when each bill is due (I have too many to keep track of!) I will also write how much money I have to save each day to make sure I pay the bill on time. It really helps me stick to budgeting and saves me from over spending!

  • Plan out important dates in advance. If I have a birthday to remember, a vacation to get ready for, or just an upcoming event, I will jot it down on my planner’s calendar to remind myself!

I use my planner daily + sometimes I will even keep two! One for everyday life and budgeting, one for keeping my blog organized! 

Some of my planner recommendations!



I believe that I have a serious notebook addiction. If I see a cute notebook, I will find every reason as to why I need to have it! I love notebooks to help keep me organized. I will create many different lists from – grocery shopping to chores.

I also have a specific notebook for blog ideas. Each time I have a new blog post idea, I jot it down in my “blog idea” notebook so that I can remember it for later! I also love having a “brain storm” notebook where I will brainstorm my blog post before actually writing it. I find that this helps me get my thoughts down on paper before organizing and putting it all together!


I recently started to incorporate a vision board into my routine because I find it very motivating! I sometimes lose track of my focus. Having a vision board helps to refocus my thoughts.

A vision board is something you put together to help motivate yourself to achieve a certain goal. I like to fill my vision board with places I want to travel to, motivational quotes, pictures of dream houses I wish to live in, beauty products I want, fashion that inspires me, and home decor inspo! I love my vision board and recommend you create one of your own!


When it comes to blogging, there is a lot to it. You can’t just post and call it a day. There is so much engagement that is involved. From engaging on others’ blog posts, to commenting on Instagram photos. We all want to try and grow our following and engaging with others is one of the most important ways to do so!

Not only do we have to engage but we also have to promote and share our new content via Pinterest, Facebook groups, Twitter etc. How does one find the time!? YOU MAKE IT. Yes, blogging is a lot of work but if you are serious and committed then you will make the time.

I will set aside an hour of my day, usually when I am laying down watching a tv show or in bed. During this hour I will do all of my engagement on social media and others’ blogs.

I will also make sure that before posting my blog post, I have a set hour to promote it throughout Facebook groups, Pinterest etc.

If you make the time to engage and promote, you will see results! Set aside the time! 


Believe me, there will be many sleepless nights as a blogger but it is also important that you are giving yourself the right amount of sleep. It’s not only important for your health but also for your focus, time management, and overall productivity.

If you are well rested you will find that you have more energy to do the things you need to accomplish. Being exhausted from lack of sleep will start to make your body feel drained and unmotivated.

I also find that waking up earlier helps me to stay organized. If I wake up earlier, I have more time during my day to complete tasks and errands. I like to get myself into a routine of waking up at a specific time each day. Routines help keep me organized as well.


What I like to do is set timers for whenever I am completing a task. I find that having time limits help me to stay focused and also ensures that I have enough time each day to do what I need to do!

For example; if I need to clean the house I will set an hour to two hour timer (depending on how much I have to clean) and I will try to make sure I have completed a clean house by the time the timer runs out! Of course, I still put 100% effort into each task to make sure that I am not just “rushing”.


When you have something important that you should be focusing on (example, writing a new blog post), make sure you have zero distractions. Make it a time where you can be alone, somewhere quiet, that brings you inspiration. Keep all televisions off and make sure your mind isn’t focused elsewhere. In order to truly get yourself together, you need to limit the distractions!


What I mean by this is simply, create your own space! A space where you can go to focus, work, and create. A great example would be to create your own office! Invest in a desk that has just enough space for you to get the job done! Decorate your office/space with anything that inspires you! Make this space your own, a place where you love to go.

One of my favorite things to do is buy cute office supplies and decor! It truly motivates me to work on my goals and continue to push to be a full time blogger.

Check out some of my favorites!



This is so important! Make sure you are prioritizing your tasks from important to least important. You want to focus on your most important tasks first, that way if you do run out of time at least what is necessary is completed! Of course, all tasks are usually necessary but some more than others!


What I mean by this is STOP letting yourself get distracted by social media. Use social media only in your spare time. If you have important tasks to complete, stay off social media until they are completed. You will see how much time this saves you and how much more you get accomplished. Don’t let social media consume you! If you need to write a blog post, put your cell phone down! You’ll thank me later!


I find that it is essential to create and set deadlines for yourself. If you are working on a new blog post, make sure you have a set day that you want it to be up by and then work on making it happen. I find that if I am setting deadlines for myself then I am more likely to not mess around! If I don’t have a deadline set I tend to not try as hard to get my post up as quick. It becomes more of a dragged out process.


There is no such thing as perfect so stop stressing yourself out striving to be “perfect”. Yes, you should focus on creating great content but no one is perfect. As long as you are passionate in what you are writing about then your readers will fall in love! The more you focus on being perfect, the harder it will be to complete tasks in a timely manner! So, stop stressing!


You can easily become busy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are being “productive”. It’s important that you are using your time productively. Do things that are helping you reach your ultimate goal. Make proper use of your time. If it’s not helping you succeed then it’s just keeping you “busy”. Start focusing on your goals and doing whatever it takes to achieve them. PRODUCTIVITY! 


When it comes to posting new blog posts, I find that when I am consistently posting on a schedule, the outcome is greater. If your readers know that every Monday, Wednesday, Friday you post new content, then they will check your site on those days! It makes it a lot easier for your audience to keep up with your posts if you are posting consistently on a schedule.


What I mean by this is, if you have a post that was a big hit, try to create more off of it! It’s clear your readers enjoyed this post so writing more about it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. For instance, a lot of readers enjoyed my “How to Feel Rich in Your Twenties” 

post so I might write another budget/finance post soon! I know my readers enjoy this topic.


I find it helpful when I have my photos organized as well as my files. I will group them into sections. I have a file for anything beauty related then a separate file for lifestyle and so on. I do the same for my photo albums as well! This helps me find what I am looking for and makes it less complicated when searching.

These tips have helped me to stay focused, create passionate content, stay productive, and stay consistent! Implement these tips into your everyday routine and I guarantee, you will be on your way to becoming a successful, dedicated blogger!


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